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ProTechLogic Telecommunications
ProTechLogic Telephone System
Telecommunications, VoIP & Voice and Data Convergence

The telecommunications industry has come a long way from your standard PBX system. Today there are many emerging technologies for you to take advantage of and levarage with your business model. From Analog lines to SIP and VoIP extended solutions, ProTechLogic can provide you with the guidance, strategy, solution and service to fit your business.

Considering a new phone system? Considering a T1, PRI, or DSL installation?

Call us first.

Voice and data convergence (voice over data lines) is a cost effective approach to consolidating your network architecture and saving on your long distance bills. It is also an opportunity for you to consider new presence-aware technologies as they also mature and gain traction in the marketplace - affording you with the realized benefits of information-rich customer-facing applications, such as: mobile workforce applications, VPN solutions, and integration with applications like your CRM.

Looking to consilidate your voice and data lines to save money and resources? Do you need an installation partner?

Call us now.

We will assist you with selecting your data and voice service provider, choosing the right long distance carrier, recommending and purchasing in-house or hosted phone system service, installation, and long term maintenance.

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